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i completed my 12th standard from math and physics. can i join the academy. i am from india and will u help to give the visa frm academy. just reply. thanks
Yes, we are accepting application for Jan batch which will start on the 11. th. Intl' Admission Process
i want to become pilot how to get admission
Please read over the instructions at the following link: International student Visas
can i join the college program as an international student
Yes, Herzing University is approved for International student program under F1 student visas Flight Training Fianancing
are there any loans available for flight training for the college program?
We have full financing available for indivduals who qualify. DGCA
I'm from India & I'd like to get proffesional pilot training under you. I took biology instead of math and physics in high school as per DGCA rules. Do I still qualify for the trainig program?
DGCA specifies math and Physics, as for the FAA there are no such requirements. type rating
an i do ab-initio to CPL/IR/ME and CRJ type rating in your academy ? I am completing my electronics enginnering in APR 2011 .I am from india . Will you help with visa and accomodation. Regards R Vikraman
yes FANO can help you with accomodations and transportation

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