Our instructors are chosen with special care. They demonstrate professionalism, enthusiasm, and the ability
to communicate effectively. They’re aim is to provide you with personalized attention and to help you fly!

  • Yi Liu   CFI CFII MEI

    Qingdao, China
    "I currently live with my two year old son in Metairie, LA. I am so glad I moved to this beautiful city andalso I feel so lucky to join the team of Flight Academy, which is a very positive learning environment. I started my flight training in August 2012, and I am enjoying my flight instructing job and looking forward to meeting more people who love flying."

  • Joshua Spencer   Commercial Pilot

    Crown Point, LA
    "After I took my first flight lesson in 2007, I knew that the aviation field was for me. I was fortunate to be able to obtain all of the ratings here at Flight Academy. I enjoy all aspects of aviation and in addition to flying, I also work on planes and am currently working with a aircraft technician at an aircraft maintenance facility in order to obtain my A&P (Airframe and Power Plant) certification."

  • David Kraftchak Jr.   Commercial Pilot

    Belle Chasse, LA
    "After a childhood dream of becoming a pilot I began flying in 2000. I have been a professional musician and entertainer serving in the U.S. Navy for 15 years and plan to retire in 2018 from our Armed Forces. When I complete my service to Uncle Sam I plan to work full time in aviation and continue to share my passion of flight with others. For the past 2 years I have continued to learn new skills and expand my education at the Flight Academy of New Orleans and am proud to be a member of this FAMILY!"

  • Shawn Powell   CFI CFII MEI A&P

    Fort Collins, CO
    "I have been involved with aviation since 2000 as both an A&P mechanic and instructor. Most of my experience with instructing has been in an academy style program. Aviation is the only field that has no limits, vertical or otherwise. I'm excited to be in New Orleans and doing three things I enjoy: aircraft maintenance, flying, and instructing."

  • Luis Diamond   CFI CFII MEI

    "I started flying in 2008. I studied at University of Central Missouri and completed an Aviation degree program. Currently I am a Flight Instructor and flying is my biggest passion. Over the past five years I have had the opportunity to learn from pilots who are the best in the industry, and I would bring this experience to Flight Academy."

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Our staff are here to help you enjoy your time with us, and become an excellent pilot!

  • Ankur Hukmani   Chief Instructor

    New Orleans - Originally from New Delhi
    "As our Chief Flight Instructor, I am able to use my two passions, flying and teaching. I gained my flight experience flying for Northwest Airlines as a U.S. commercial airline pilot. It was a great job !  "

  • Krystal Hukmani   Managing Director

    New Orleans
    "As our Managing Director and Director of Admissions, helping our pilots realize their dream to get their ratings is very gratifying. Your success is our success. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be your flight trianing provider."

  • Katharine Shay   Office Assistant

    Minneapolis, MN
    "Since taking my first flight lesson at age 7 becoming a pilot has been my dream. Now, working at Flight Academy I am glad to help students pursue their dreams of flight."

  • Lauren North   Office Assistant

    Seattle, Washington
    "I’m from Seattle, Washington and recently moved to New Orleans. I have always been interested in flying as a career. I am currently working on my private pilot’s license and hope to go all the way through to my commercial license, and Flight Academy is a great place to complete my flight goals."

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