We know you may have more questions, and we have answers! We are happy to answer any question if you contact us, but you may find the answers right here.

How old do you have to be to take a discovery flight? Participants must be at least 10 years old. There is no upper age limit.

Is prior flight experience required? Absolutely not!

Do you really get to fly the airplane? You betcha! Your instructor will guide you through takeoff and continue practical experience throughout the flight.

If you decide to continue, will the flight time count? Definitely! Flight time never disappears and can be used toward your rating.

Is there a fuel surcharge? There may be an applicable fuel surcharge upon confirmation of appointment.

What's the difference between the C152 and C172/Archer? The C152 is a small two-seater aircraft (think smart car version), while the C172 and Archer are four-seater aircraft.

Do people prefer the C172/Archer over the C152? Not really! They are both great training aircraft; however, the C152 has a 5'10" height restriction and 180lbs weight restriction. If you do not meet these requirements, then you will need to fly a C172/Archer.

Can I buy a discovery flight as a gift? Discovery flights make rockstar gifts! We can customize a gift certificate for you today.

What are our operating hours for discovery flights? Any time between 8 am and 5 pm 7 days a week except major holidays.

Can I bring a second person on the flight? Yes, but bringing a second person is not encouraged as it can be distracting for the student. There are additional fees for an observer.

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Discover how fun it is to fly! Start your aviation adventure today with a discovery flight!

  • Basic Demo Flight

    Spark an interest in flying with this exciting 30 minute flight lesson over New Orleans. Whether taking the controls or taking in the views, a scenic flight in an aircraft is a memorable adventure.
    After you meet your instructor, it's chocks away as you take-off into the blue yonder.
    After takeoff, soar above the clouds and enjoy a bird's eye view of the Mississippi River, the French Quarter, Superdome, and Port of New Orleans like you've never seen it before. You may even have the chance to fly over your own home, so don't forget your camera!
    Or, if you prefer our experienced and knowledgeable instructors will customize your adventure to see whatever you want!

    Choose to take your lesson in a two seat or four seat aircraft. See faqs to the left for restrictions. Advance purchase required. Our schedule fills up quickly!

  • Discovery Flights

    Take to the skies for an extended hands on lesson and discover the wonder of flight for yourself with this immersive experience! Read more

    With the help of an FAA certified flight instructor, you will receive exclusive instruction on flight controls and aerodynamics while preflighting the aircraft.
    Then, taxi the aircraft out to the runway and prepare for your very first assisted take-off.
    Once in the air, enjoy a new perspective from above as you pilot the aircraft over the Crescent City. Your journey will include view of the Mercedes Benz Superdome and the historic French Quarter which hug the mighty Mississippi. What goes up must come down.
    Next, you will make your final approach to the runway, with instructor help, where you'll experience your first ever landing from the cockpit. Post flight, your instructor will sign your logbook officially recording your lesson as the first of many flights to come.

    Choose between five different packages each with varying lengths of flight time and ground instruction.

    Explorer Discovery Flight
    (20 mins flight/20 mins ground)

    Aviator Discovery Flight
    (30 mins flight/20 mins ground)

    Orientation to Flight
    (45 mins flight/75 mins ground)

    Pioneer Discovery Flight
    (60 mins flight/20 mins ground)

    Adventurer Discovery Flight
    (90 mins flight/20 mins ground)

    Take your lesson in a two seat or four seat aircraft. See faqs to the left for restrictions. Advance purchase required. Our schedule fills up quickly!

  • Fundamentals of Flying Course

    The Fundamentals of Flying Course is perfect for a budding aviation enthusiast!
    The Fundamentals of Flying Course will focus on the first three lessons in our flight training syllabus for Private Pilot. Each lesson includes 1 hour of ground instruction and 1 hour of flight instruction. Participant will receive a Pilot Handbook and First Flight Log.
    The flight hours and ground time acquired during the Intro can be applied towards the Private Pilot Rating if you decide to continue with your training.

    Choose to take your course in a two seat or four seat aircraft. See faqs to the left for restrictions. Advance purchase required. Our schedule fills up quickly!


  • Santa flies, you should too! Send someone on an unforgettable journey in the sky. A flying lesson is the perfect gift for those who seem to have it all. Whether it's their first time in the cockpit or they've piloted before, the thrill of flight will excite every time. Suitable for all occassions, a gift certificate offers your loved one the flexibility to choose from our numerous discovery options, pilot supplies, and much more.