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New Orleans & Aerial Tours conducts training for Indian students and meets the DGCA requirements.   For more about DGCA Flight Crew Standards, Training and Licensing requirements click here.

Minimum requirements to enroll
  • 10+2 with Math and Physics
  • For issuance of Commercial Pilot certificate, applicant must be 18 years of age.
Flight Time /Training
Most Indian students require flight time/training listed below, and NOAT&FT is eager to accommodate such training needs.
  • 200 hours total time
  • 100 hours of PIC
  • 10 take offs/landings by day and 10 take offs/landings by night in the last 6 months before issue of license
  • X-country - 20 hours as per details given below:-
  • X-country has to be to a destination beyond a radius of 100 Nm
  • 1 Day x-country (PIC) with two full stop landings at two airfields other than the airfield of departure, for a minimum of 300 Nm
  • 1 Day x-country check (Instructor on board) for a minimum of 250 Nm with 1 full stop landing at a second airfield (in the last six months before issue of license)
  • 1 Night x-country check (Instructor on board) for a minimum of 120 Nm without landing en-route (in the last six months before issue of license)
Instrument Rating (IR):
Obtain yourInstrument Rating (IR) per details given below:
  • 10 hours of IR flying (Hood or Actual)
  • 5 hours on aircraft is mandatory
  • every flight for IR is dual
  • 10 minutes are calculated towards taxi/take off and taxi in
Multi Rating
Obtain your Multi Rating per details given below -
Minimum 25 hours to include:
  • 25 hours actual flying time
  • Minimum 3 hours by night
  • 3 hours test for Day/Night and Instrument check (in the last six months before issue of license)
  • Students should have a multi-engine IFR rating.

admission process

The most important thing for you to do is to download, print and read the "COMPLETE GUIDE TO OUR ADMISSION PROCESS".

DownloadDownload Process

NOAT&FT Admission Steps

Step 1 - Submit Admission Documents

Step 2 - Wire Admission Fees

Step 3 - Receive Acceptance Packet

Step 4 - Get Visa interview

Step 5 - Visa Approved , now what?

Step 6 - Travel to US

NOTE: The above 6 steps are explained in great detail in the Admission Process Document that is downloadable above. The document explains how to apply for admission, how to get a visa interview, what to bring on your interview, and contact information for the interview locations in New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata. We even go so far as to explain what to bring with you to the US. If you are not sure what to do you may click here to get to our contact information and contact form.

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