Here are the feelings of the people who know us best, our pilots and students. Many have come from far way, and their US flight training means a lot, in terms of experience, expense, and future opportunity. And they all seem to leave us with a happy feeling.

We think the words and feelings expressed here explain about US flight training at Flight Academy of New Orleans far better than we can.

If you received training with us, and want to tell us how you feel about your flight training in the United States just click here to enter your comments.

When you make your choice of flight school, we hope you consider these important facts:

1. Class Size: We limit our class sizes and accept only the best candidates.

2. Available Aircraft: You can fly very often - You stay in tip-top shape and acquire your flying skills faster.

3. Personal Attention: You are assisted every step of the way - It DOES make a difference in how quickly you complete your certifications.

what our pilots and students say

  • James Luther Osbourne II - Harvey, LA

    I have been flying at Flight Academy of New Orleans for a while and have gotten my Private Pilots License, and I am currently working on my Instrument rating. I have flown with two different instructors, Matt Gradidge and Nerieda Scott. The training was top notch, and I look forward to continuing my training with them.

  • Steven Pavlovich - Metairie, LA

    My Flight training at Flight Academy of New Orleans was one of the most fun and gratifying experiences in my life. Their professional and knowledgeable staff was very enthusiastic about teaching and went the extra mile to make me a safer and more skilled pilot. FANOís structured curriculum and dynamic presentation style allowed me to easily learn and build on my piloting skills. I would certainly recommend Flight Academy of New Orleans to anyone interested in flight training or as a way to experience the joys of flight through an aerial tour.

  • Mark Crow - Metairie, LA

    Flight Academy of New Orleans has and continues to do an excellent job in conducting flight training. I am currently working towards my Instrument rating, and I have nothing but good things to say about the school and its instructors.

  • Karthik Venkatesh Murthy -

    Flight Academy of New Orleans has awesome instructors that are all friendly and helpful. The scheduling is flexible so sometimes I am able to fly twice a day. It is a great atmosphere to learn in. I have my Private Pilot and can't wait until I become a Professional Pilot!

  • Justin Rivarde - Mandeville, LA

    As a native of New Orleans, I recommend FANO to any and all prospective pilots. I have looked all over the U.S. and am so glad I made the decision to fly here. The instructors are great, the scheduling easy and the planes are well maintained. I love this school!

  • Bryce Nelson - River Ridge, LA

    The people, facilities, and prices are great! Big thanks to Flight Academy and all their great staff for helping me get my Private! I never had any doubt about my abilities and training.

  • Richard Flournoy - Lubbock, TX USA

    I started at Flight Academy of NOLA while on an extended business trip having most of my work complete for my Private Pilot license. I had about 60 days left in the area and wanted to complete it before returning home. The staff at Flight Academy went the extra mile to accommodate my hectic schedule and prepare me for the check ride. I passed on the first attempt! Thank you Flight Academy. I highly recommend Flight Academy of NOLA for your flight training.

  • Christopher LeBlanc - New Orleans, Louisiana

    I have been†flying at FANO for over a year now and have enjoyed every moment of it. The instructers at FANO are knowledgeable and proffessional plus they are laid back and fun to learn with. You really feel comfortable at FANO and enjoy learning to fly on there large fleet of 7 aircraft. In a short time I went from knowing nothing about flying to becoming a real confident pilot. FANO has been a real help and lots of fun!

  • Mayur Agarwal - Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh India

    As we all know there's an aviation boom in India. Everyone wants to start the career as a Pilot. The first step in this career is to find a best flying club and at this time almost all the flying clubs in the US are full of students, more than 100/200 per flight school. Flight Academy of New Orleans is the only flying club which has 18 students and the student to instructor and aircraft ratio is good. We have 7 instructors and 9 aircraft. The training is good. On top of it, the owner is an Indian, Mr. Ankur Hukmani. This makes it easier to communicate and share your thoughts with him. We are like a family out here

  • Darren Mahler - Metairie, LA

    My experience at FANO was awesome. The instructor that I had was experienced, very knowledgeable and extreemly patient. They use a progressive style of instruction that does not waste alot of your time and money. When you are finished you can be assured that you will be ready for your FAA checkride. The new facility is beautiful and very spacious, and the owners are some of the nicest people that you will ever meet. FANO makes learning to fly fun!!!

  • Diwakaran Prabhakaran - Chennai, Tamil Nadu India

    People say that a pilot is always prepared for the worst day ever, and I believe that all the instruction given here is based on real time examples which make us not only good pilots but safe pilots. I came here from another flight school and people here helped me remember that flying could actually be fun. The instructors and fleet here are very promising and they help you complete the whole commercial pilot's license course in as little time as possible. We get to fly everyday, which gives us a lot of confidence when we venture out in solo flight

  • Rajesh Kulasekaran - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu India

    Future pilots, FANO is located in New Orleans, which has nice weather conditions for flying. FANO is the best place to train pilots with nice and frienly instructors, and well maintained aircrafts. Instructor/student ratio is very good so you can get individual attention. FANO provides nice accomodation facilities. The airport we are trained in is New Orleans Lakefront, which has moderate traffic and friendly air traffic controllers. I made a good decision when I decided to come to FANO

  • Gaurav Cane - Meerut, Uttar Pradesh India

    It's been a pleasure to be at FANO. This is a good flight school with everything a pilot could need. The people are really friendly and I am grateful to be here. FANO is also just a short walking distance from the ramp. The accommodations are superb, with all the necessary facilities like gym, swimming pool, good parking and pretty nice neighbors. The flight school is like a family. People are always there for you with helping hands and you can never feel alone. I strictly feel that this flying school is better than any other where you are always confused and don't know what to do. Here, you are always welcomed with a smile. Here the instructors are good and scheduling flights is never really a big problem. I am obliged to be at this place. I would refer all my friends to FANO

  • Prabhu Parthasarathy - Chennai India

    I am Prabhu, 24 years old, from Chennai, at present a Private Pilot on the verge of completing my IR. Solo flight is the first flight done by a student on his own. We fly with a flight instructor when the trainer decides to allow us on our own. We taxi to the runway and commence a take off role, on being airborne is when it dawns on us the whole responsibility to land the aircraft and bring it back on ground. From then on follow the right approach pattern, the whole time remembering the most responsible way. On landing, the circuit is done twice again and on completing the last one taxi back to the ramp. After completion of all post flight functions starts the unusual celebrations. Instrument Rating is the next stage Commercial Pilots License where we get to learn more about aircraft instruments and fly the aircraft just by relying on instruments. In this stage, we learn more instrument approaches. Sometimes we get flying into actual instrument meteorological conditions. At this stage we have to study a lot and the training is quite tough!

  • Rohit - Toichy, TN, India

    Well, guys, about my Private Pilot Exam, I was totally excited! There was a written examination, oral, and check ride. The written exam was pretty easy while comparing to India DGCA. For the written examination we have a set of questions so as far as the written exam, guys, there is nothing to worry about! Next step was the oral examination and my check ride. I was totally freaked out because I didnít know the examination would be with Sam. First session was the oral part. He started asking questions about regulations and flight instruments. After oral session, we went to check ride. He made me do maneuvers which we do in PPL training like slow flight, steep turns, etc. We came back and he told me I did well.

  • Ketan S Dongre - Chennai, TN, India

    The most important aspect which I looked for while choosing a flight school was location. I was looking for schools in the southern parts of the US (Texas, Louisiana, Florida). I then narrowed down to the flight schools that would provide guidance regarding the course details, VISA, and so forth. I preferred schools which had a local agent anywhere here in India. I found myself quite lucky as the local agent for FANO was right here in ChennaiÖI found the presence of a local agent to be a promising advantage, and moreover, I got into the place which I had a preference for, FANO.

  • Jerome Thomas Martim - Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    I am Jerome Martin doing my Professional Pilot training program; my first experience was a very pleasant one. One of our instructorís , Mr. Burt Lattimore, took me on my first flight. The whole experience of it is still afresh, taking the controls for the first time, a real memorable one! I feel the strongest point about FANO is how the whole foundation of flying being taught the best possible way by which I mean to say the scheduled was flight training is done here.

  • Maniak Banerjie - Kolcatta

    For parents who are concerned about their kids getting the right amount of nourishment, you donít have to worry because everything over here is taken care of. For lunch our Chief takes us to wherever we want to go for lunch in the FANO van. If the Chief isnít available, then someone else takes care of us. For dinner our Chef, Rajesh, takes care of the meal. Most of the food he makes is delicious but a bit spicy. His food makes you feel like you are back in India! Some of us also take turns cooking food, so we get different taste of cooking. The supermarket is at walking distance from our apartments, so whenever we want something we just walk and get it. Plus whenever we go for monthly/weekly shopping, Chief takes us to the Indian store, Whole Foods, and Samís to make bulk purchases. In addition to all of this, we get to go to restuarants from time to time just to spice up the taste buds. So Aunties and Uncles if you are worried, donít! We are nicely hooked up and enjoying a pretty healthy life.

  • Akil Gopinath - Chennai

    The process of flying in India is a long drawn out process and is prone to many breaks due to unavailability of spares. This tends to make a student loose touch with flying, especially in the initial stages. As far as airport facilities go, very few flying clubs in India come with properly equipped instruments such as VOR, ILS, and NDB which are essential to do your Instrument rating. On the other hand, in the US there are airports located at very short intervals and also very well equipped. In India there is an acute shortage of instructors whereas in the US there is an adequate number of qualified instructors. Last, but not the least, the condition of the aircrafts in the US is a lot better. I chose to do my flying here because the quality of flying is better and faster.

  • Paresh Prabhu - Santa Cruz, Mumbai

    The school has three Cessna 152ís, two Cessna 172ís, Piper Seneca, and all airplanes are maintained in good condition and abide by stringent maintenance standards set by the FAA. The school has structured and systematic way of teaching the ground lessons as well as flight lessons. All the doubts are attended to until they are clear. The instructor gives us a pre-flight briefing on lessons that would be practiced in the airplane. Based on our performance we are graded. In that way we know our progress which helps us do better the next time we take that lesson. Once word that comes to mind when I think of FANO is commitment! The instructors are always willing to answer the quiries whether in the plane or on the ground. In fact they have Q&A sessions to test our knowledge and brush up on topics we are not very confident about. Care is taken to get our flying done on a day-to-day basis apart from some inevitable circumstances.

  • Deepak Rangan - Chennai

    The place of stay provided by the flight school is really nice. The apartment has two bedrooms shared by four people, a living room, a kitchen, and, of course, bathrooms. The living room has two nice and comfortable couches which relaxes you after a long day at the school. The kitchen has a microwave, electric stove, refrigerator, and all cutlery is provided. The complex has one swimming pool, gym, and a Jacuzzi. The area is really pleasant and cool, so have a great time and enjoy your stay! The VISA is the only big hurdle to start your flying in the US - Thatís what most people think! In my opinion, they are mistaken. Just be confident, communicate well, and have all your documents prepared. So get ready! Get your VISA and fly into a great career!