Founded in 2003 New Orleans Aerial Tours & Flight Training has gained recognition as one of the finest flight educational training facilities. Our flight school has been recognized for its professional, highly structured flight training programs. As a result, the graduates from the NOAT&FT are sought out by many flight departments in the industry. Certified under the Federal Aviation Administration, NOAT&FT can train you for any position from the ground to the flight deck.

The instructors at NOAT&FT are fully licensed, knowledgeable professionals. They are continually learning at high levels to ensure the effectiveness of teaching, with closer attention to the students' individual learning needs. All are qualified to give both flight and ground instruction.

Graduating students of NOAT&FT have one of the highest employment rates in the industry. We assist all students in locating employment by corporations and airlines.

NOAT&FT's program limits the number of students enrolled, which allows us to dedicate aircraft to your training and a full-time Certified Flight Instructor with a one-to-one CFI to student ratio. Giving you the personalized training you deserve and ensuring your success.

Coming to NOAT&FT is the best way to start your profession in the aviation industry. In the shortest amount of time, you will be on your way to earning the money you desire to have. Our team will help fulfill your dream of becoming a pilot. We know your goals and look forward to getting you into your career. I look forward to seeing you at our NOAT&FT.

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We provide quality flight training at the lowest possible prices. Our Flight instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and professional. At New Orleans Aerial Tours & Flight Training we have convenient flexible hours and we have created a positive environment for a great training and learning experience, which will help you in the latter part of your aviation career.

We are proud to support AOPA's You Can Fly program. Through this program, New Orleans Aerial Tours & Flight Training is ready to help aviation enthusiasts of varying ages and training realize their flying dreams. Whether you are just getting started with your flight training, haven't flown in a while and are a little rusty, or just want to learn more about aviation and if it's right for you, NOAT&FT is here to help! Call us today and find out how easy it is to take your first flight in the cockpit of an airplane.

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