Our instructors are chosen with special care. They demonstrate professionalism, enthusiasm, and the ability
to communicate effectively. They aim to provide you with personalized attention and to help you fly!

  • Ankur Hukmani   Big Chief

    New Orleans - Originally from New Delhi
    "As our Chief Flight Instructor, I am able to use my two passions, flying and teaching."

  • Tanner Matthews   CFI, CFII/Tour Pilot

    Orlando, FL
    "Any day is a good day to fly and have an exciting experience. My goal as an instructor is to give you the opportunity to go out and have your own flying adventures."

  • Brian Laws  CFI CFII/Tour Pilot

    Dallas, TX
    "I love seeing the light turn on when a student grasps a new concept. As a flight instructor, my passion is to help you achieve your goals. I find there is no better feeling than to see a student progress from first solo, to first Checkride pass."

  • Errol Terrio   A&P

    New Sarpy, LA
    "I takes great pride in my work as the staff mechanic. Reliability means taking the time to do it right the first time! There is no "cloud-side" maintenance available."

  • Timothy Dietrich   Instructor/Tour Pilot

    El Paso, TX
    "As a child, my dream was to become an aviator. Dreams do come true, and it would be a privilege to share that passion with you!"

  • Ian Pereira   CFI CFII MEI/Tour

    Prairieville, LA
    "Even since my first time stepping into an airplane, I knew that I wanted to make a career out of flying. After training in the Arizona dessert, I'm looking forward to coming home and sharing my knowledge and love of aviation."

  • Dylan Smith   CFI CFII/Tour Pilot

    Walla Walla, WA
    "Sharing my passion for aviation has been incredibly fulfilling. I can’t help getting excited to see my students progress and become pilots. I strive to deliver my best during each and every lesson!"


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Our staff is here to help you enjoy your time with us, and become an excellent pilot!

  • Krystal Hukmani   Boss Lady

    New Orleans, LA
    "Nothing quite compares to seeing NOLA by air. The spectacular view from a different altitude combined with our crew's passion for flying and for this city we love sets us apart from common tours. Let us share the adventure. Come fly with us. It's Just Plane Fun!"

  • Brooke Rabon   Office Manager

    Des Moines, IA
    "Whether you want to see the city from above or want to learn to fly yourself, I'm here to get you off the ground. I'm ready to answer your questions and help you reach new heights!"

  • Ariel Schwab   Office Assistant

    New Orleans, LA
    "Whether you're piloting an aircraft or taking a tour of our beautiful city, I'll be here on the weekends to help you get your feet off the ground and into the sky so that you can soar."

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