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We provide many services at New Orleans Aerial Tours & Flight Training to support all your flight training needs, from Recreational Pilot through Multi-commercial. While we are primarily a Part 141 flight training facility, we can accommodate anyone wishing to continue Part 61. Please contact us to tailor a course especially for you if you wish to continue your training Part 61.

Part 141 Courses*
Private Pilot Course (152) $9,780
Private Pilot Course (172/PA-28) $11,300
Instrument Rating Course (172/PA-28) $11,650
Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot
(152/PA34 Combo)
Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot
(172 or PA/28 and PA34 Combo)
Multi-Engine Add-on $9,795
Professional Pilot Course   Contact Us
*All packages exclude admission, books, supplies, written exams, check rides, and fuel surcharge.   Estimates are based on our FAA approved Part 141 syllabi and do not include lesson repeats. 

Payment-in-Full and Block Discount Rates Available: Get More Details!

Additional Fees
Admission Fee $100
Gleim Kit $224.95
Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance* $650/yr estimated
FAA Written Exam* $150
FAA Examiner Fee* $600
*These fees are included here for your reference and are payable to the appropriate examining authority or third party vendor, not NOAT&FT.

Contact us for further information.


Aircraft Rental Rates
Cessna 152 $110/hr.
Cessna 172 $150/hr.
Piper Archer III** $150/hr.
Piper Arrow II $170/hr.
Piper Seneca II $335/hr.
*Due to insurance requirements, the Piper Seneca II is not available for public rental. It is only available for dual instruction and rental for FAA Practical.
**The Piper Archer III and Piper Seneca II have AC!!!**

Aircraft rental rates do not include instructor's time nor do they include ground or pre/post flight briefings!

Flight (Dual) Instruction
Cessna 152 $180/hr.
Cessna 172/Archer III $220/hr.
Piper Arrow II $245/hr.
Piper Seneca II $410/hr.
Owner Aircraft Dual Instruction - Primary $85/hr.
Owner Aircraft Dual Instruction - Advanced (Complex, TAA, Multi) $100/hr.
*Rates apply to all ratings.
Ground Instruction
Ground Instruction
Ground Instruction - Advanced (Complex, TAA, Multi)
Ground Instruction - Owner Aircraft Primary
Ground Instruction - Owner Aircraft Advanced
*Ground rate applies to pre/post flight briefs and written exam preparation. Ground rate for owner aircraft is the same as the dual rates

International students please contact us for pricing!

Contact us for further information.

additional services

  • Owner Aircraft Instruction
  • Biennial Flight Reviews
  • Instrument Proficiency Checks
  • Spin Endorsements
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Pinch-Hitter Course
  • Emergency Refresher Training
  • Complex and High Performance Checkouts
  • Photo Flights
  • Survey Flights
  • Pilot Services
  • Romantic Flights (Pleasure Flights)

instructor ratings

CFI Course $8,200**
CFII Course $5,450**
MEI Course $14,900**
**Ground included and required in each Instructor Rating. Flight time will be based on hourly rate and individual needs.   All packages exclude admission, books, supplies, written exams, check rides, pre/ post flight briefings, and fuel surcharge.

Contact us for further information.